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Triton 5000 Error Codes


Purge the dispenser with the purge command under diagnostics. Replace paper as needed. Once they are displayed on the screen, print or save them to an external device. Turn the AC power OFF for a few seconds and then back on to power cycle and reset the cash dispenser. this contact form

Verify that each cassette is placed in its designated feed channel. Telephone hardware problems. (If problem persists call Your Service Provider or Triton Tech Support) 7 BGD_BUSY See Error Codes 3 - 6 10 BGD_LOGON See Error Codes 3 - 6 11 Refer to error 500. 510 SPED invalid message ID. This problem may be caused by incompatibilities between terminal software and dispensing mechanism software. https://prineta.com/atms/docs/atm-error-codes-triton-machines/

Triton Error Code

A temporary fix to this problem may be to set the “low receipt paper” parameter to “in service” so that the terminal software does not read the input from the low Clear terminal error code. Make sure all connections between the double detect module and the CMC are seated properly. If error persists; replace the main board assembly. 557 System device reset.

Verify that all access panels are closed and secured. If a receipt is not printed during the printer self test; then either the Printer or Printer Control Board or its interconnected wiring are defective. Restart the operating system. Triton Traverse Error Code 917 Clear as necessary and perform both printer diagnostic tests as outlined in Recommended Actions for Error Code 138 142 Dispenser returns bad command error The most likely cause of this error

If the status clears and the return code are normal place the cash dispenser in service. The Triton Connect Host Computer generates the error when the terminal does not respond to a telephone call from the Triton Connect Host Computer. 2. Clean the width sensor with compressed air. Purge the dispenser with the purge command.

If the cables are undamaged, the main board or electronic journal may be defective8100, 9100, 9600, 9700, 9800, Mako, RL1600, RL2000, RL5000, RT2000147Error in reply from electronic journal.1. Triton Atm Error Code 101 Make sure the connectors are seated securely on the main board and on the electronic journal. 2. Verify that the power supply is operating and the DC voltages being supplied to the main board and dispenser are correct. If the cable appears to be in acceptable condition; verify that the voltages at PL2 on the back of the dispenser are correct.

Triton Error Code 244

Purge the dispenser using the purge command. more info here Refer to error 522. 525 EJ invalid ID. Triton Error Code Please try the request again. Triton Atm Error Code 33 Purge the dispenser using the purge command.

If no jam is located, remove the first note from the cassette. http://u2commerce.com/error-code/triton-atm-error-codes-pdf.html Clear terminal error code. Make sure that the exit sensor is clean and operation correctly.3. Try to inject an ID into another cassette. Triton Error Code 151

However; actions to fill the cassette should be taken as soon as possible. 302(32h)[2] Empty Cassette. Replace the dispenser is the error persists. 358 Dispenser device read error. No jumpers should be installed. navigate here If these actions have no effect on dispenser operation, replace the dispenser mechanism.

TheRealCobraBurnout 101,846 views 13:30 How to operate e-lock- Triton Traverse - Duration: 1:10. Triton 9100 Error Code 148 Make sure the diverter is not jammed. If the cable has good continuity; other possible causes for the error could be the power supply; the Backplane or the CPU Module. 132 Status reports bad double-detect in last dispense

Verify that all sensors are operation correctly.

Refer to error 500. 511 SPED Data overflow. Inspect the reject vault present sensor visually for proper operation. Turn the AC power OFF for a few seconds and then back ON to power cycle and reset the cash dispenser. Triton Error Code 246 To clear an Error 182: 1.

Open the access panels on the note transport and remove any documents that may be in the transport path. Verify that all access panels are closed and secured. See error code 557. 562 SPED error. his comment is here If the Error persists, replace the Electronic Journal.8100, 9100, 9600, 9700, 9800, Mako, RL1600, RL2000, RL5000, RT2000194An Attempt to Dispense is made the Cassettes are not LockedThis is more of a

Clear the error. Starting at the top; you should find 24 volts; -12 volts; no pin; 5 volts; ground; 5 volts and ground. Lock the cassettes. If the voltages are correct and the blue lever is in the print position; the most likely causes of the error are the printer; printer control board; or the main board.