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Triton Atm Error Code 48


The journal on these machines should be printed on a regular basis (i.e. Inspect the dispensing mechanism for jammed currency at the exit sensor. Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Find the first occurrence of “116”. this contact form

The cash dispenser may be turned OFF, the modem may be defective, or the telephone line may be shared with another device that connects to the line before the cash dispenser. Replenish paper as needed. If the error clears, put the ATM back in service. If the error code returns; replace the note transport module. 330(4Eh)[N] Communication timeout This error is reported when the transmission of each one of the characters in the command string is http://www.accessatm.com/service/atm-error-codes/triton-error-codes/

Triton Error Code 244

This is most often caused by slipping stacker pulleys. 1. If the cables are undamaged, the main board or electronic journal may be defective 148 Write to electronic journal failed Most probable cause, the electronic journal is full. If the error clears, put the cash dispenser in service. 5. This error code will be generated when the following conditions occur: 1.

  • Use the NMD test software (available to Triton Certified Service Technicians) and verify the operational error code of the dispenser. 391 Dispenser sensor failure.
  • If these actions have no effect on dispenser operation; replace the dispenser mechanism. 122 (7Ah) Unexpected note at exit 1.
  • It the status clears, place the cash dispenser in service.
  • Make sure the connectors are seated securely on the main board and on the electronic journal. 2.
  • Refer to error code 535. 537 Card Reader ñ Invalid Record.
  • If the sensor is not operating normally; replace the note transport module. 318(42h)[B] Too many notes requested.
  • Do several test dispense operations.
  • Remove jammed currency. 2.
  • Clear the error. 2.
  • Inspect the cassette and feed path for currency that is stuck together or jammed. 2.

Make sure they are seated at the printer control board and not damaged. Otherwise, replace the dispenser.3. This is a Triton Connect error. 1. Mitsubishi Triton Error Codes Clear terminal error code.

This error code occurs when documents are requested from a cassette that is not present or is not open. Otherwise; put the cash dispenser into service. 357 Dispenser data size error. Place all belts on their rollers and gears. http://www.atmdepot.com/triton-atm-error-codes/ Refer to error 500. 520 SPED device reset.

Purge the dispenser with the purge command under diagnostics. Atm Error Codes 072 Inspect the currency for excessive wear. Inspect the cables connected to CN2, CN3, CN4, and CN5. On all 8100/9100 machines, ensure the EJ data cable is connected to the lower RJ-45 data port on the 9100 main board.

Atm Error Codes List

This error code is produced when the single reject event counter exceeds 50 reject events or the bundle reject event counter exceeds 250 notes. Make sure that all cables are securely fastened to their termination points. Triton Error Code 244 ATM For over 20 years ATM Merchant Systems has partnered with industry leaders in cutting edge ATM technology to bring you value added services and functionality. Triton Error Code 151 I the status clears; place the cash dispenser in service.

Clean the sensors if needed. weblink Inspect the dispensing mechanism for jammed currency at the diverter. Poor Petey! - Duration: 1:46. Refer to Section 5 of the RL5000 Service Manual or the RL5000 Quick Reference Guide for instructions. 2. Atm Error Code 3-da000(80)

It may be necessary to replace the dispenser. 201 Dispenser detected more than six errors in a dispense This status is generated when there are 6 rejects during the current dispense. This problem may be caused by a corrupt pin working key. Triton Connect error. http://u2commerce.com/error-code/triton-atm-error-code-148.html Verify that the diverter moves freely and is not binding.

If the cables are undamaged, the main board or electronic journal may be defective 146 No reply from command to electronic journal 1. Triton Atm Error Code 101 Refer to error 522. 526 EJ device busy. If these check are not properly completed replace the note qualifier. 326(4Ah)[J] Note feed sensor failure.

If not, place in service using the Cassette Service menu option.

Inspect electronic journal to dispenser communication cable for damage. Remove any jammed notes.2. Turn the AC power OFF for a few seconds and then back ON to power cycle and reset the cash dispenser. Triton Error Code 246 Inspect the cables connected to CN2, CN3, CN4, and CN5.

Reseat connections. If so, work to resolve error code 151. 1. Test the dispenser by completing several test dispenses. 4. http://u2commerce.com/error-code/triton-atm-error-code-110.html Test the dispenser by completing several test dispenses. 3.

This error code will cause the cash dispenser to go ìOut of Serviceî. If the cable ends are seated properly and there is no apparent damage to the cable; it will be necessary to verify the continuity of each cable; otherwise replace the dispenser. This is a Triton Connect error. Verify that there are no documents jammed in the note diverter area.

Inspect cable from the Electronic Journal to the dispenser to be sure both ends are securely screwed in place. If it is necessary to check continuity of the cable assembly, refer to the appropriate ATM Service Manual for pin out of the cable assembly 5. Remove any documents blocking the throat opening. Note: Dispenser Status (Click Counts) should be run and available before contacting Tech Support 117 Timeout waiting for note to divert   118 Exit sensor blocked on start of dispense or

Test the dispenser by completing several test dispenses with the test dispense command. When troubleshooting the 8100, 9100, RL and RT be aware that the electronic journal is built into the main board of the dispenser. Replace cassette or Inject New Cassette ID. 500 SPED Read Error. If injecting a new cassette ID into the cassette does not correct the problem; replace the cassette. 322(46h)[F] Main motor failure Error code 322 is generated when the main motor fails

Refer to error 522. 527 EJ invalid request. Replace the dispenser is the error persists. 361 Dispenser sequence error. If the error clears put the Cash Dispenser into service. At least one character was received (ETX was never received).

Restart the cash dispenser and reset the error. Seat connectors or replace the power supply as needed. 2. If error persists; replace the dispenser mechanism. 369 Dispenser device reset.