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Triton Error 339


Clear terminal error code. Reset the Cash Dispenser by turning OFF the AC power switch for a few seconds and switching it back ON. 2. PID USERNAME USR SYS TRP TFL DFL LCK SLP LAT VCX ICX SCL SIG PROCESS/LWPID 15971 root 0.7 20 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.2 74 4.6 1K 542 9K 6 qemu-system-/3 16622 Access management functions and enable cassettes. 367 Dispenser communication error. this contact form

Purge the dispenser using the purge command. 3. Verify that all access panels are closed and secured. The following sections approach disk performance from the standpoint of the compute node. If the status clears and the return code are normal place the cash dispenser in service. https://www.nasatm.com/error_codes/code/339/

Triton Atm Error Codes

Verify operation of the power supply. Turn the AC power OFF for a few seconds and then back ON to power cycle and reset the cash dispenser. With the low currency feature enabled, this error condition will occur before the cassette is actually empty. If it is necessary to check continuity of the cable assembly, refer to the appropriate ATM Service Manual for pin out of the cable assembly. 3.

  1. Verify that the currency is properly installed in the cassette.
  2. Clear the error. 2.
  3. Changing the root password Because of the way that Triton boots (from USB key for the head node, and via PXE boot for the compute nodes), the following steps must be
  4. Inspect main board to electronic journal communication cable for damage.
  5. Clear terminal error code.
  6. Clear terminal error code.
  7. If error persists; replace the SPED keypad module. 207 SPED not detected.
  8. Make sure the connectors are seated securely on the main board and on the electronic journal. 4.

If the operation is normal; you may put the cash dispenser in service. Used up all radial attempt and got Busy Signal for each attempt or No Dial Tone for each attempt. 2. The links in the table below provide additional information on the listed tools. Triton Error Code 101 Release the printer locking screw.

If error persists; replace the dispenser mechanism. 372 Dispenser item value error Clear terminal error code. Triton Atm Error Code 33 Purge the dispenser with the purge command under diagnostics. This Error Code is valid for units with SPED keypad device installed. have a peek here Inspect electronic journal to dispenser communication cable for damage.

If they are normal, place the ATM into service. Triton Error Code 236 Replace the power supply or dispenser DC power if either is defective. 3. If the problem persists; replace the dispensing mechanism. 133 5 volts not present from the dispenser on carrier detect See Recommended Actions for Error Code 128 or 131 134 Exit blocked The feed sensors may be dirty.

Triton Atm Error Code 33

Change baud rate settings. 4. http://www.scriptux.ir/article/_What_is_error_code_339?_.html Clear the error. Triton Atm Error Codes Proceed by following procedures for error code 109 or 112. 108 Unexpected note at double detect A note has been detected in the double detect sensor without being detected at the Triton Error Code 244 If the error code is reported again; replace the CMC module. 309(39h)[9] Jam in Note Qualifier.

For an in-depth discussion of ARC, please see Activity of the ZFS ARC Compute node memory utilization The memory on a compute node is used for provisioned instances (virtual machines), ARC, weblink Check for defective components external to the Printer/Printer Controller Board (i.e. Place all belts on their rollers and gears. For more information, please go to Joyent Training Services. Triton Atm Error Code 151

Verify that the power supply is operating and the DC voltages being supplied to the main board and dispenser are correct. Remove any documents from the tote transport. The width sensor may be dirty. navigate here Access the management functions menu and lock all cassettes.

Inspect electronic journal to dispenser communication cable for damage. Triton Traverse Error Code 917 See error code 557. 561 Software error. Make sure they are seated at the printer control board and not damaged. 6.

for a four cassette dispenser.

To prevent this occurence: 1.) Remove the cassette from the dispenser 2.) Press the RESET ERROR key. 3.) Refill the cassette and install it in the dispenser 34 (22h) Mistracked note Make sure all cables are properly connected. If the error is repeated; proceed to the next paragraph. Triton Error 563 This will occur if the machine is switched off and on during normal daily operation.

To do this, you will need to follow the procedure outlined in the document Forcing a re-sync of VMAPI. Place all belts on their respective rollers and gears. Vibrations can cause this error. 4. his comment is here Use a soft brush and vacuum cleaner to clean the exit sensor. 4.

Complete several test dispenses. See The USE Method for more information. If it is necessary to check continuity of the cable assembly, refer to Appendix B for pin out of the cable assembly. 3. Refer to error 522. 527 EJ invalid request.

The first number is the average over the last minute, the second over the last 5 minutes, and the third over the last 15 minutes. If the error clears put the cash dispenser into service. If error persists; replace the dispenser mechanism. 387 Dispenser offline ñ error validating configuration. If the error persists, replace the dispensing mechanism.

Compute node hard drive failures Hard drive failures on compute nodes affect all instances that live on the server. Checking compute node access In order to check access to all defined compute nodes in an installation, you can use the sdc-oneachnode command to issue a hostname command to each configured Refer to error code 535. 537 Card Reader ñ Invalid Record.