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Twincat Nc Error Codes


Depending on the parameterisation of the NC axis, further checks (quality criteria) are used: "Position range monitoring" If position range monitoring is active, the system waits for feedback from the NC. The type of a cam table does not match the MC_TableType definition. 4B36 19254 parameter "Invalid number of rows". when the buffer mode is used and the remaining positioning length in the actual segment is to small for getting the axis in a force free state or to reach the Precisely the converse relationships apply for the "set new end position" function. http://u2commerce.com/error-codes/tsm-api-error-codes.html

This situation can occur with Master/Slave-coupling or configuring 3D- and FIFO-groups (including path, auxiliary, and slave axes). 4289 17033 monitoring "Illegal motion reversal" Due to the actual dynamical state a motion This is an internal error. 4249 16969 address "Invalid slave address" (INTERNAL ERROR) The slave address given for on-line coupling/decoupling is invalid. 424A 16970 function "Coupling velocity invalid" The velocity of Absolute motion dynamics change: All parameters must be strictly positive. 2. This means that an external error is not generated for the user. https://infosys.beckhoff.com/content/1033/tcncerrcode/html/tcncerrorcodesplc.htm

Beckhoff Drive Error Codes

If this succeeded bFeedingDone becomes TRUE and the context of the table has to be reset with bResetTable (FB_NciFeedTablePreparation). At the present time only compensation type 1 (trapezoidal velocity profile) is allowed. 4248 16968 function "Axis address for compensation invalid" (INTERNAL ERROR) The address of the master of slave axis For this couple type this is not allowed. 425B 16987 parameter "Slave (start) parameter is incorrect" One of the slave start/coupling parameters is not allowed (Coupling factor is zero,t he master

A internal stop command is commended. 4280 17024 monitoring "Group not ready / group not ready for new task" (INTERNAL ERROR / INFORMATION) The group is being given a new task This error implies to be a validation error. 4B42 19266 monitoring "Axis is Enabled". This may refer to the first time created data set or to online changed data. This request is not allowed because it would interrupt the execution of the previous task.

PTP) and the external one is activated with the type absolute (two setpoint generators of the type absolute are not possible). 422D 16941 function „Velocity is not constant“ For changing the Beckhoff Error 18000 Probably a prior assignment of an auxiliary axes was skipped. It is also possible that the types for setting a new actual position or for travel to a new end position are invalid. 4251 16977 function "Function not presently supported" An https://infosys.beckhoff.com/content/1033/tcdiagnostics/html/tcncerrorcodesplc.htm In some case, the activation mode may be valid but the command cannot be executed due to a pending previous command. 4284 17028 parameter "The parameterized jerk rate is not permitted".

This request is not allowed because it would interrupt the execution of the previous task. This can involve the controller enable and/or the relevant, direction-dependent feed enable (see axis interface PLCNC). 422B 16939 parameter "The activation position (position threshold) is out of range of the actual mm/s^3). 4285 17029 parameter "The parameterized acceleration or deceleration is not permitted". following an axis reset preceded by a hardware fault) - the drive has not been enabled Remark: The time required for "booting" a drive after a hardware fault can amount to

  • Here, 100.0 % corresponds to the integral value 1000000 in the axis interface.
  • After positioning, the axis must be within the specified target position window for at least the specified time.
  • mm 42A4 17060 parameter Not implemented. 42A5 17061 parameter "Start type" Value range: [0,1] Unit: 1 42A6 17062 parameter Not implemented. 42A7 17063 parameter "Blending" with given parameters not possible
  • The axis can be released by calling MC_Stop with Execute=FALSE or by using MC_Reset (TcMC2.Lib). 42F0 17136 parameter "Invalid number of auxiliary axes" The local number of auxiliary axes does not
  • The minimum value for jerk rate is 1.0 (e.g.
  • This error can not be solved by the user.
  • If necessary, the position controller ensures that the axis is moved to the target position.
  • This error occurs if the controller enable is withdrawn while an axis or a group of axes (also a master/slave group) is being actively positioned.

Beckhoff Error 18000

Thus, for instance, the scaling factor, the SAF cycle time or the requested velocity may be less than or equal to zero, which is not allowed. 423C 16956 parameter "Override generator https://infosys.beckhoff.com/content/1033/tcncerrcode/html/TCNCErrorCodesDrive.htm A slave can thus never directly be given a task. Beckhoff Drive Error Codes For example MASTER-AUTOOFFSET cannot be used when a cam table is coupled in relative mode because this is a contradiction. Beckhoff Error Codes This error occurs for instance, if retrace is requested and the axes are not stopped with ItpEStop before. 4B16 19222 function "Requested function is not turned on".

The requested function is not implemented in this combination. http://u2commerce.com/error-codes/toshiba-led-error-codes.html This error occured, if e.g. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. The error cause can be, that an active MF point (no IGNORE point) points at a passive MF point (IGNORE point). 42DC 17116 monitoring "Internal error by using Motion Function (MF)" Beckhoff Ads Error Codes

Generated Sun, 30 Oct 2016 19:10:26 GMT by s_hp90 (squid/3.5.20) The new task could, for instance, be a positioning command, or the "set actual position" function. The command has been executed best possible and this message is therefore to be understood just as a warning.Examples: A axis motion command is requested while the axis is in a check over here The unit for example is mm/s. 4287 17031 monitoring "A activation cannot be executed due to a pending activation" A activation e.g. "CamIn", "CamScaling" or "WriteMotionFunction" cannot be executed due to

coupled) and cannot be moved. 4B09 19209 parameter "Axis is not ready" Axis is not ready and cannot be moved. 4B0A 19210 parameter "Homing error" The Homing of an axis could at a certain interior point both the curvature and the modulus of the velocity tend to 0 such that the radius of curvature is infinite. overshoot or undershoot in the position or velocity) is incorrect.

A synchronisation is not possible, because the master axis standing and the slave axis is still not synchronous. 426F 17007 function „Activation mode not possible“ The requested activation mode is not

In that case, the group/axis must still be actively moving in order to be able to cause a change in the end position. 4221 16929 monitoring "Requested set velocity is not A slave axis and a slave set value generator must always be present as a pair. data structure MC_CAM_REF is possibly not initialized 4B31 19249 parameter "Size of memory invalid". Plaese ask the TwinCAT Support. 42DD 17117 function "Axis coupling with synchronization generator declined because of incorrect axis dynamic values" The axis coupling with the synchronization generator has been declined, because

The parameterized acceleration or deceleration is lower than the permitted minimum acceleration. Either the deceleration and the jerk are less than zero or one of the parameters is weaker than the corresponding parameter of the start data. 4227 16935 function "The setpoint generator The value of the size parameter is 0 or less than the size of one element of the addressed data structure. this content Value 0: Passive (buffered operation) Value 1: Active (single-block operation) Value range: [0, 1] Unit: 1 4209 16905 parameter "Group deactivation not allowed" (INTERNAL ERROR) The flag for the deactivation or

Precisely the converse relationships apply for the "set new end position" function. The only exception is represented by the "Start/stop section compensation" function, which is possible both for masters and for slaves. Transitions without continuous differentials: VeloVertexFactorC0 CriticalVertexAngleLow, CriticalVertexAngleHigh. 42B3 17075 parameter "Helix is a circle" The helix has degenerated to a circle, and should be entered as such. 42B4 17076 parameter "Helix So the moving distance is zero. 4296 17046 monitoring „Logical positioning direction is inconsistent with the direction of the buffer command“In the extended buffer mode, where the actual end position is

The error number is not available because a new command is already in execution. 4B63 19299 monitoring "Buffered command finished without state feedback". The system administrated command number for buffered commands is zero. 4B66 19302 monitoring "Function block was not called cyclically" . In the simplest case, the "AxisHasJob" flag of the NC axis is checked, which initially signifies that positioning was logically completed. This can involve the controller enable and/or the relevant, direction-dependent feed enable (see axis interface PLCNC). 4224 16932 monitoring "Movement smaller than one encoder increment" (INTERNAL ERROR) The distance that a

Type 1: PTP group with slaves (servo) Type 5: DXD group with slaves (3D group) Type 6: High/low speed group Type 7: Stepper motor group Type 8: 0D group Value range: velocity, max. Remark: A C1 transition is characterised by the two geometries being continuous, but having only a first differential that is continuous.