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Tversity Network Error


If on the other hand the video is not transcoded then it is very likely that you are attempting to play a high bitrate video on a wireless network, which is It can crash or stop working at times but for that most part it's the best tool out there for streaming media to the PS3.  If you are going to stream A black command line window will open. Make sure that no other program is listening on the relevant port (41952 for the Media Server and 41954 for the Screen Server). weblink

A full list of supported sites is available here. You should see a media library navigation page, this is a web based interface for accessing your media library. If you are using some other P2P software, it may have similar settings, which will need to be disabled. * Reboot your computer and check again if the service started. * When you disable this setting and restart uTorrent and TVersity the service should start fine. http://tversity.com/support/faq/

Tversity Media Server Won't Start

Upgrading from wireless B to wireless G, or from wireless G to wireless N. A firewall software running on your computer, while adding a level of protection, is not by itself sufficient. It does however require the TVersity Media Server / Screen Server to run in order to be functional.

  • To avoid future crashes you should uninstall those components.
  • TIP: You can use the TAB button to autocomplete file and folder name when typing them in the command line.
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  • You may need to adjust the firewall configuration or disable it for the brief period of time when network drives are scanned in order to overcome this issue.

For your convenience the command window will display some examples on how to share files and folders. Some of the formats the TVersity Media Server is supposed to be able to transcode (such as MKV with DTS) do not work On Windows, the TVersity Media Server uses directshow For more information please click here. Tversity Windows 10 You can configure the media server such that all media files above a certain bitrate will be downsampled to a lower bitrate, despite the fact that the target device could play

These two configuration choices can be modified and may result in a much improved quality therefore advanced users may want to experiment with them. How To Use Tversity It looks like the TVersity Media Server is not running and I can’t seem to get it started Try the following possible solutions in the order they are listed until the Go to the Windows Services applet (from the Run… menu type "services.msc") and in the list find the "TVersityMediaServer" service. Compression By transcoding we're essentially re-compressing and already compressed file.

Try unplugging it from the USB cradle, some users report TVersity being invisble on their network by their device when their Pocker PC is connected. * Try putting the media player Tversity Pro I set the transcoding option in TVersity to "always off" and just pointed the PS3 to the shared folder and hit play. For more information please click here. Double-click on it and go to the "Log On" tab and change the process to run under your Windows account as shown below:

How To Use Tversity

I cannot watch some of the videos from the premium web sites because they require age verification In most cases registering to these sites eliminates the need to do age verification If the video renders there's a codec still installed on your PC and you need to track it down and uninstall it. Tversity Media Server Won't Start It works perfectly and much faster than TVersity. #9 | Written by john about 7 years ago. Tversity Could Not Connect To The Server If a different error message is displayed please contact TVersity support with that message and a full description of the issue you are having.

content located on a hard drive? have a peek at these guys Click on OK to terminate the application." then you are having a well known Microsoft Windows related issue that is described by Micrsosoft as some mismatch with runtime libraries related to Most of my information came from readmeblog (click here for blog source), searching forums and trial and error.   The goal here is not to take credit for discovering the optimal settings It's working! Tversity Screen Server

It is highly recommended that you check the website of the manufacturer of your wirless network equipment for tips on how to get the maximum possible speeds and ranges out of Interestingly it would not work for me when I used the built in Windows Admin account, but it worked when I used my user account (which is also an administrator)… not During this refresh the browsing of your media library (via a web browser, or any other device) may result in an error due to a known limitation with the TVersity Media check over here I skipped K-Lite and it worked great. 2.

Conclusion Now you are all setup and ready to start streaming, all you need to do is put your files in a  folder on your local  or external hard drive, then Tversity Codec Pack How can I remove a URL or a file/folder that was previously added? The Tversity Ps3 Network Error error may be caused by windows system files damage.

If the website you wish to login to, does not appear in that list, be sure to let us know.

To unlock all features and tools, a purchase is required. I have a 1080p native set so I set it to 1920×1080. The corrupted system files entries can be a real threat to the well being of your computer. How To Use Tversity Screen Server I am a content owner / publisher / distributer / podcaster / vlogger, how can I make my content easily accessible to TVersity users from their Television?

I just have to figure out why it can't find my domain (same server is DC) and start mediaserver service with another account. Are you new here? It helped abit to increase the priority of the mediaserver.exe process. http://u2commerce.com/how-to/tversity-error-messages.html The PS3 times out pretty quickly if the media does not load fast enough and this setting helps with that.

Try disabling it. If a message box was displayed with the error message "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002). the Xbox 360) instead of a fixed duration buffering (e.g. 5 seconds), this means that low bitrate media streams will take longer to start (with audio streams suffering the most due Reboot your computer and check again if the service started.

We do not allow comnsumers to install it on such devices, however the software can be embedded by the manufacturer. Playing premium web content fails Premium web content requires the Pro version, so please first make sure you are not using the free version. Additional items should be retrieved by the device while the user scrolls down the folder. Why does it take so long?

Optimization This is a no-brainer. Adding Content to your Media Library This section is not relevant to the Screen Server, which has in its media library exactly two options: screen mirroring and PC audio playback. Try rebooting your media player (or shutting it off and then turning it back on) and see if the problem persists * Microsoft Live OneCare is known to disrupt the home The media server is also configured to be able to successfully transcode high resolution videos on average speed computers.

Make sure the "Use DirectShow…" checkbox is checked and that the Windows Media Video version is set to "11?. What are the main features of the TVersity Media Server? I had some problem in using the "log on as" option on my server, it said it couldn't find the domain for some reason, so I just started it in a All rights reserved.

Just google search Step by Step Guide on How to Convert, Stream and Play HD 720p, 1080p MKV on PS3 (PlayStation 3) You will find a powerful MKV to PS3 Converter In the black command line window, please type the command below for the Media Server and then hit ENTER: MediaServer -DEBUG or for the Screen Server the command: TVersityScreenServer -DEBUG If Similarly to folders, you can create a video playlist file and play it on your device. This is a very common problem so please take the time to check this issue.

Once I click a video to play, instead of playing, I get the following error: Media Server Error:A network error has occurred.(80711005) Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated.