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Let me know what you need from me. Searching tip Excel users - In the search window you can enter ANS????E to search for Errors or ANS????W to search for warnings. I have done a full backup with the TDP Application without probems. Thank You SD [prev in list] [next in list] [prev in thread] [next in thread] Configure | About | News | Addalist | SponsoredbyKoreLogic ERROR The requested URL could not his comment is here

fidel replied Oct 28, 2016 at 5:04 AM RMAN archive logs stuck ? In my dsm.opt I have: TCPCLIENTPORT 1500 TCPPORT 1500 Do I have to change them? If the schedule completes successfully at this point, then the problem is most likely a permissions issue, and the scheduler service should be changed to run as the currently logged in In general, though, I would say that this behavior is a probable bug and should be reported to IBM support. -------------------------------------------------- Starting with version 5.1, the output from QUERY EVENT FORMAT=DETAILED http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21284034

Ans1512e Return Code = 12

The first thing to check is whether the machine that used this nodename has been replaced, rebuilt, or is no longer used. Refer to (2) above. -------------------------------------------------- If you are not using the 5.1 client, then try the 5.1 client to see if it makes a difference. To find out when your next scheduled backup is, please see the FAQ item When is my scheduled backup due to run?. 2. NO - Your machine must be switched on to run a scheduled backup.

  • My problem is when I try to configure scheduled backups.
  • YES - Your machine may still have switched itself off or gone into sleep mode, meaning that the scheduled backup was missed.
  • Andy , Here is the information on TSM client and server .
  • Windows users will then need to update the TSM scheduler.
  • The command line is your friend. "Good enough" is the enemy of excellence.
  • Results sent to server for scheduled event 'EXCHANGE-FE'.

If the date shown is over a year old, then your password may have expired and need to be changed. Telephone No: 0131 225 4555 Lloyds TSB Bank plc and Lloyds TSB Scotland plc are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and represent only the Scottish Widows and Lloyds TSB Marketing There is a space in the domain name - in this case quotation marks need to be used around the drive name, because otherwise TSM will assume that you mean several Ans1512e Return Code = 1900 You're now being signed in.

If you wish to back up System State, check that you have the latest version of TSM for your version of Windows: recent versions fix certain issues with System State backup. Ans1512e Return Code 255 Bill Boyer "There are 10 types of people in the world. Return code = 1. 02/15/2009 19:55:34 Sending results for scheduled event ' < at > 325'. 02/15/2009 19:55:34 Results sent to server for scheduled event ' < at > 325'. We've got a NT4 box running client and TDP for SQL 2.2.

This is most likely to happen on a Mac which is holding a very large number of files (over a million) on one drive. Anr2579e Return Code 12 Checked by AVG. If you wish to see a more accurate status reported to TSM, then the command should be configured to run synchronously (if possible). fidel replied Oct 28, 2016 at 5:04 AM RMAN archive logs stuck ?

Ans1512e Return Code 255

Am getting this error ANS1512E Scheduled event 'MYSCHED' failed. https://adsm.org/lists/html/ADSM-L/2002-05/msg00581.html Thank you. Ans1512e Return Code = 12 In order to provide effective support for this issue the HFS Team need all of the following files (for the appropriate operating system) attached to the email from the client machine Ans1512e Scheduled Event Failed. Return Code = 418 In order to find the relevant part of text it is usually easiest to go to the end of the document, and then scroll upwards until you find an end-of-schedule report

Sending results for scheduled event 'EXCHANGE-FE'. this content Signatories to the Banking Codes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ========================================================================= [Morewiththissubject...] ANS1512E Return code = 1, Thomas, Matthew<= Re: ANS1512E Return code = 1, Loon, E.J. In Windows, select [Edit] and then [Find] (or use CTRL+F) to bring up the search box. Finished command. Ans1512e Return Code = 402

Return code is: 1
ANS1909E The scheduled command failed
ANS1512E Scheduled event 'MYSCHED' failed. If the node has been replaced, rebuilt or is no longer used then please follow the instructions for de-registering the node so that it is no longer on the backup schedule. f2n21 />dsmc Tivoli Storage Manager Command Line Backup/Archive Client Interface - Version 5, Release 1, Level 5.0 (C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1990, 2002 All Rights Reserved. weblink Then click on the arrow to go back to Power Options and also check that under Choose what the power button does (tab), When I press the power button is not

If you receive helpful answer on this forum, please show thanks to the poster by clicking "LIKE" link for the answer that you found helpful. Tsm +"return Code = 464" On a Mac, in Finder, go [Applications] > [Utilities] > [Disk Utility]; then, in the left-hand window, click on the relevant drive and, in the [First Aid] tab click Verify Disk In particular log files that are currently being written to at time of backup will fail.

Service area:Backup and Archiving Service Written by IT Services.

Sorry for my grammar. The file is skipped.' If TSM is having trouble reading certain files, then it could be because they are corrupted. In your schedule the OBJ= needs to be either the 8.3 name of the c:\Program files directory or you need to put quotes around it. Ans1512e Scheduled Event 'incremental' Failed. Return Code = 12 Check the TSM Self-Registration Page to ensure that you do not have two or more similarly-named registered nodes: it could be that one of them is active and being backed up,

I have done a full backup with the TDP Application without probems. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Like OBJ='" C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\excfull.cmd"'. check over here Any help would be appreciated.

Symptom Backup fails with the following:
Finished command. The latter will cause an error because only drives or partitions may normally be used as domains: hence TSM cannot find the drive /data/fred and so it deems that the schedule Following this example, this file showed :
set sql_dir=C:\Progra~1\Tivoli\TSM\TDPSql
cd %sql_dir%
date < NUL >> %sql_dir%\sqlsched.log
time < NUL >> %sql_dir%\sqlsched.log
%sql_dir%\tdpsqlc backup