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Turbo Pascal 7 Runtime Error 200


DelayCntM DW ? This “bug” seems to pop up in DOS based programs that were faster than 200MHz and could make an already slow machine even slower and/or inoperable. Other patches actually alter the source code of the CRT. Recupero este manual ya que había bastante gente consultándolo.Voy a empezar la sección de Pascal hablando del RUNTIME ERROR 200 del Turbo Pascal y del Borland Pascal. check over here

http://www.brain.uni-freiburg.de/~klaus/pascal/runerr200/ ...but as is often the way with sites at universities, Klaus' directories are gone now. The patch can be executed by starting TPPATCH.EXE. I'd suggest keeping PatchCRT.exe in your path, so that you can run it from any directory simply by typing it followed by the name of the .EXE to be patched. In the CRT.ASM file: 1.


Turbo Pascal zosta opracowany na stare komputery. The first procedure (here it is on CS:0087) detects how long the cpu can decrease a counter within a time of 55ms. Ahora es cuando el ordenador 'razona': al no caber el resultado, eso quiere decir que es un valor infinito, y la única manera de que haya dado infinito una división es Get TPPATCH.ZIP.

Para modificarlas, usa el programa TPUMOVER.EXE que está en ese mismo directorio (¡¡¡recuerda hacer antes una copia de seguridad de ese archivo!!!) de la siguiente manera: TPUMOVER TURBO.TPL -CRT. Remove the Delay reference (including the comma) from line 65. 2. W sieci dostpne jest darmowe rodowisko Delphi 7 PersonalDlaczego mam 'RunTime Error 200 Division by 0'? Dosbox Runtime Error 200 procedure ShortDelay(Interval: Word); assembler; { Interval = number of ticks Note: About 1193180 ticks/s } asm push ax push bx cmp Interval,0FFFFh { otherwise 0FFFFh will end in an infinite loop

En el código de inicialización de la unit, que se ejecuta al principio de cada programa que la use (por eso el programa no llega ni a arrancar), ejecuta un bucle Dos Runtime Error 200 before the changes: cs:0062 33C0 xor ax,ax cs:0064 A25100 mov [0051],al cs:0067 A26100 mov [0061],al cs:006A A26200 mov [0062],al cs:006D 40 inc ax cs:006E A25000 mov [0050],al after the changes: cs:0062 But if there are even faster processors one day, Delay() will wait a bit to short on them. http://s416217492.onlinehome.us/error200.html Remove the Delay initialization code (lines 94 to 107, both inclusive). 3.

Some (earlier?) compiler versions mysteriously seem to go free of this bug - Delphi doesn't have them, for instance, and Turbo Pascal 6 seems to work too. The bug was specifically in the CRT.ASM unit included with these compilers. You can patch compiled binaries by scanning for the byte-sequence: F7 D0 F7 D2 B9 37 00 F7 F1 and replace with: .. .. .. .. Use: if your program is program.exe , enter the command tppatchprogram.exe Warning: This patch will cause delay to run too fast on computers that are significantly faster than Pentium

  1. by DelayCntL DW ?
  2. If the DELAY function is used, it can be fixed by using a different delay routine that should function properly up to ~4GHz.To do this, the BREAK routine in the CRT
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  5. However, by running "ctbppat [filename.ext] /brute", one can force the program to search for the incorrect code but WITHOUT further analysis (which prevents error checking and will then allow the faulty
  6. Repeat steps one and two each time you access DOS as the TSR will not be active unless you load it each time.
  7. Ahí es donde están guardadas las units de borland.

Dos Runtime Error 200

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a perfect solution. http://pedrowa.weba.sk/docs/Delphi/Pascal/Fixes%2520for%2520Pascal%2520'Run%2520Time%2520Error%2520200'/download.html Therefore: Use at your own risk. Tp7p5fix Programmers Option 1: Enhancing the Delay-routine. Freedos Runtime Error 200 Remove the Delay related procedures themselves (lines 437 to 462, both inclusive). 4.

Potem zadeklaruj zmienn 'ch:char'. check my blog There are especially very many changes to SYSTEM.TPU. If all the above fails, the other option is to run a TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) utility that will provide a kluge to the division by zero issue by catching Note: This is a new program version that will work also if you have only TURBO.TPL, no TPP.TPL (i.e. Patchcrt

BP7 CRT source patches (compiletime) I have two of those patches here. En un ordenador lento no hay problema, pero cuando usamos uno de más de 200MHz (aproximadamente), la variable LONGINT aumenta tanto que al hacer la división, el resultado no cabe en Use: patch your TPL files, then recompile your pascal sources. this content But this is only useful if you compile Pascal programs yourself.

If you're having Borland Pascal, you also have the sources of the runtime library. Polecenie moe wyglda nastpujco: InitGraph(Gm, Gd, '../BGI'). Seguro que alguna vez te bajaste algún programa que funciona bajo DOS, y funcionaba bien en tu ordenador viejo, pero al probarlo en un ordenador más rápido ponía algo así como

In the patched versions the delay procedure will use a 32 bit counter similar as in newdelay but without the nice idle behaviour.

There WILL be problems if the program is using the delay routine to time events. TpPatch.zip Patch program for existing executable files Limits the delay factor to the maximum possible value. See readme.txt in the files for instructions. Me explico: En pascal se pueden usar 'units', que viene a ser algo así como los #include de c/c++.

This program corrects the problem by patching your executable. If you'll have a gigahertz-cpu in some years, you'll get the runtime error again, so if you don't use the delay-routine at all, you might want to remove it completely: Programmers Delete the old calibration in the initialisation part: MOV ES,Seg0040 MOV DI,OFFSET Timer MOV BL,ES:[DI] @@2: CMP BL,ES:[DI] JE @@2 MOV BL,ES:[DI] MOV AX,-28 CWD CALL DelayLoop NOT AX NOT DX have a peek at these guys Warning: not only changes CRT.TPU, but also all other files in the Run Time Library.

Ceterum censeo Microsoft esse delendam. Download PascalPatcher. That's a nasty trick, I don't like it, but it seems to work. The combination of removing the old delay-routine and using this replacement routine is what I do myself, if you include this routine in the crt unit, all you need to do