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Slippery Elm Bark for Tummy/Colon/Sore Throats and more During one of my weekly updates (Family Jots and Tittles), I mentioned that we had a tummy bug and I was treating it phantasma; Fr. testamentum a will, publication of a will, from testari make a will, be witness to, from testis witness, from PIE *tris- three, on the notion of third person, disinterested witness. Use The printers were fined £3,000 and all copies ordered destroyed. "The Large Family Bible" (KJV, 1820): Isaiah 66:9 reads: "Shall I bring to birth and not cease to bring forth?" rather than http://u2commerce.com/translation-error/translation-error-in-the-bible.html

sometimes referred to in a way which emphasises his personality and character (the \Holy\ Spirit) b. The Living Bible actually captures the meaning best among English translations: “I was in existence before Abraham was ever born!” The NIV’s ungrammatical translation reads “Before Abraham was born, I am!” For them, he was Ialdabaoth, the son of Darkness, whose mother Sophia-Akhamoth, was the daughter of Sophia, the Divine Wisdom (the female Holy Ghost of the early Christians)Akhasa while Sophia-Akhamoth personified I have collected a sample of such passages and presented them below. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-joel-hoffman/five-mistakes-bible-translation_b_1129620.html

The Wycliffe/Lollard translation of Eph. 6:17 is most inappropriate and disturbing: And take ye the helm of helthe, and the swerd of the Goost, that is, the word of God. Jeremiah 7:22 — The NRSV correctly reads "For in the day that I brought your ancestors out of the land of Egypt, I did not speak to them or command them concerning Skip to content Is That in the Bible? word for God, is the Heb.

  1. Since ancient Hebrew and Aramaic were written without vowels, there was no distinction between the Aramaic words GAR'BA (leper) and GARABA (jar maker or jar merchant).
  2. END OF THE AGE 12.
  3. I can understand if you don't want to post a pic since it is a phone number after all, but can you email it?
  4. The fact that a large network of KJV-Only defenders have made it their profession to misrepresent, not only these translation and textual errors, but hundreds of others, as accurate translations of
  5. The NIV omits the word for “earth” (Hebrew aretz) so that it reads more vaguely “the waters below”.
  6. PREVIOUS TRANSLATIONS & NKJV VERSION LUKE 22:20; HEB. 7:22, 9:15 et al New King James Version (1979) covenant King James Version (1611) Testament Bishops Bible (1568) testament Geneva Bible (1587)
  7. vetus testamentum and novum testamentum, loan-translations of Gk.
  8. A fifth individual cut and pasted the original documents in to the present Pentateuch.
  9. the rest in next 2 Books .
  10. The Jews were dismissed as a people divorced by God.

Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight." (See this discussion of the passage at John Hobbins's blog.) Ecclesiastes 12:11 — For no good textual reason, the 1984 NIV capitalizes the word “shepherd”. “The words Between these two options, I would have to adopt the second as substantially closer to the truth. Scripture passage: Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12 Read Aloud from My First ... 2 weeks ago Mama's Place Turns out, I really miss writing. This is how the Hebrew in Isaiah 7:14 -- which describes a young woman giving birth to a boy who will be named Emmanuel -- ended up in Greek as a

The NIV weakens the religious overtones of the verse by saying Nebuchadnezzar simply "paid him honor”. (See John J. Only 11 copies are known to exist today.[citation needed] "More Sea Bible", from 1641: "...the first heaven and the first earth were passed away and there was more sea" rather than Psalm 23 opens with an image of God's might and power, not shepherding. Since then, it has become one of the most popular English Bible translations, and almost certainly the most popular one among Evangelical Christians.

Most versions of the Bible are sponsored by one or more Christian denominations. The obvious reason is to hide the problematic theology of Jesus being described as a created being. Never-the-less, the subject of the preceding verses was not about food, but about the unbiblical traditional requirement of ceremonially washing your hands before you eat. This is probably the least viable interpretation of the passage available; for details, see my article on Psalm 22:16.

As I am a Christ-follower by second birth, I know Him by both names, for Elohim exercises His power through the utterance of both versions of His Name.Curious as to the https://isthatinthebible.wordpress.com/articles-and-resources/deliberate-mistranslation-in-the-new-international-version-niv/ This appears to be an attempt to accommodate churches that do not require head coverings for women but want to think their practices are strictly in accordance with Scripture. (See Bible Amen." This seems to have been absent from the original writings. 6 Matthew 17:21 is a duplicate of Mark 9:29. In 18:28 and 20:19, “the Jews” has been changed to “Jewish opponents” (the Greek does not say “opponents”).

I want to formally ammend the title of the blog here in this comment. navigate here Scholars generally see this as an indicator that at one time, the term “Levite” was a professional designation rather than a tribal affiliation. Learn more 8.35 M 8.02 M 451 K Podcast Add us on Snapchat Five Mistakes in Your Bible Translation NEW! Later editions (the TNIV and 2011 NIV) change “youths” to “boys” but still leave out “little” without textual justification. 1 Chronicles 1:17 — This verse lists the nine sons of Shem.

Some denominations have long standing prejudices against other religions, sexual minorities, etc. This was not considered unethical at the time. It must be emphasized that these mistranslations did not originate with the King James Version but in the Wycliffe translation, which was translated from the Latin Vulgate. Check This Out Moulton and G.

Some of these things have shown many... According to Rimmer – who is revealed in another episode to have the middle name Judas due to his parents' unconventional take on Christianity – the Hoppists' unique form of worship More recently, some have argued that the progenitors of the modern critical text, Westcott and Hort, were incipient ‘New Agers’ and that they have somehow managed to dupe virtually all seminary

Hermon is named for Pans father, Hermes.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In conformity with human custom, Gods covenant is said to be confirmed with an oath (Deut. 4:31; Ps. 89:3), and to be accompanied by a sign (Gen. 9; 17). Today the dispensational division of the old and new covenants is being discredited and replaced by Covenant theology. There is no verb corresponding to “come out” nor any reference to the Israelites here. (See Römer, “The Revelation of the Divine Name to Moses and the Construction of a Memory…”,

to supernatural spirits. The Tribe of Ben Contact Us Click picture to email us directly. If have the same Father, live by the terms of the same covenants, and are betrothed to the same bridegroom...than we are ONE (as He is One). this contact form Acts 22:9 — The NRSV correctly says that Paul’s companions “did not hear the voice” of the one speaking to Paul, but the NIV has changed this to “did not understand the voice” to

Young’s Literal Translation more correctly reads "I have gotten a man by Jehovah.” Genesis 11:2 — Genesis 11:1–2 says that the whole earth spoke one language, and that they (the whole earth) settled There are generally two ways to resolve this difficulty: (a) adopt a different reading (“the sun was darkened”) that smooths over the problem, or (b) understand the verb eklipontos in a It has the same chain-of-evidence issues that all other manuscripts have...and the same translation bias when brought into English.All of this serves to throw major wrenches into many folks belief systems, The NIV has altered this verse for the sake of historical accuracy, changing “Candace, queen of the Ethiopians” to “the Kandake (which means ‘queen of the Ethiopians’)”.

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