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Another way to resolve this and get a better result after translation is to link the text frames to make the text flow. Objects must be given a name with the "id" attribute, which allows the application to retrieve them from the builder with gtk_builder_get_object(). Parameters builder a GtkBuilder   func the function used to connect the signals. [scope call] user_data arbitrary data that will be passed to the connection function   Since: 2.12 gtk_builder_set_translation_domain () Upon errors FALSE will be returned and error will be assigned a GError from the GTK_BUILDER_ERROR domain. have a peek here

User contributions on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International License. The .indd file in the InDesign files folder is a finished version of the file; you can start from scratch and work toward this. To change the import/export encoding: Open QuarkXPress. Provide feedback here. https://quark.parature.com/link/portal/30026/30029/Article/1349/Translation-error-in-picture-boxes-when-QuarkXPress-project-is-opened

Why that is maybe somebody from here can explain that. I could not choose something because it was crashed again. I explained in my earlier post.

  1. The solution was to remove the fstab entry.
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  4. This function calls g_value_init() on the value argument, so it need not be initialised beforehand.

If you are adding an object that depends on an object that is not its child (for instance a GtkTreeView that depends on its GtkTreeModel), you have to explicitely list all Boot sector: Bytes per sector is 0. It is also possible to specify a context to disambiguate short strings, and comments which may help the translators. Thanks Cat, for helping me.

However, when opening the tag file in TagEditor you get the following error message: (35017): SSLex0105e: Invalid token, Line 1, Offset 15, Þ Explanation This error message occurs when you have Take a look at 'starting version 219' bug after the 15.04 update for other causes. Parameters builder a GtkBuilder   type_name type name to lookup   Returns the GType found for type_name or G_TYPE_INVALID if no type was found Since: 2.12 gtk_builder_value_from_string () gboolean gtk_builder_value_from_string (directory Since: 2.12 gtk_builder_get_type_from_name () GType gtk_builder_get_type_from_name (GtkBuilder *builder, const char *type_name); Looks up a type by name, using the virtual function that GtkBuilder has for that

Note that this function will not work correctly if GModule is not supported on the platform. Misuse of automatic text box The automatic text box feature in QuarkXPress can be activated when creating a new project: you just click on the check-box marked "Automatic Text Box". You can't use html in forum posts, for obvious reasons, so please post your terminal output between the BBCode code tags for formatting. App Studio offers a variety of support plans to meet your needs.

So I reset the PC and started this live-CD again, to comment this reaction, now the output of "Coffecat's" reaction: Code: [email protected]:~$ mount /cow on / type overlayfs (rw) proc on http://www.translationdirectory.com/articles/article1525.php journalctl -xb Search the log for the word mount by typing /mount Enter and n to find the next entry. If you don't get an answer after about 1 day, it's quite OK to bring it up to the top by posting the single word "bump". Consider using the measurements palette as well: entering the same x measurement for two boxes will align their left edges and the same y measurement will align their tops. 4.

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The following procedures have fixed this behavior in specific QuarkXPress projects: Delete the picture box and create a new one. The function gtk_builder_connect_signals() and variants thereof can be used to connect handlers to the named signals in the description. Need more translation jobs? Check This Out This method often results in extra effort and a challenge for the DTP team when the file is reunited with the translated text.

This happens before the value is parsed, so it can be used for properties of any type, but it is probably most useful for string properties. Position the mouse pointer over the appropriate middle handle of the box until the cursor changes to a pointing finger. For example, if the tops of two text boxes are snapped to the same guide, both boxes will be the same distance from the top of the page.

Failed to read file record at offset 8959136302956019712 (0x7c553f0000000000).

Ubuntu Ubuntu Insights Planet Ubuntu Activity Page Please read before SSO login Advanced Search Forum The Ubuntu Forum Community Ubuntu Official Flavours Support Desktop Environments [ubuntu] unmount error, udisks-error-quark, 14 Having Make sure your Pages window visible.: In the document you wish to add page numbers to. Or it may be that an attempted repair from the boot-repair app will achieve what you need. If you are adding an object that depends on an object that is not its child (for instance a GtkTreeView that depends on its GtkTreeModel), you have to explicitely list all

If the "translatable" attribute is set to a true value, GTK+ uses gettext() (or dgettext() if the builder has a translation domain set) to find a translation for the value. More resources on multilingual DTP Globalization Partners International has extensive experience in translating documentation in all common authoring products from Quark, Microsoft Office, Adobe and other vendors. Highlighting the Item tool when resizing boxes Another common Item/Content tool error is that new users will often insist on selecting the Item tool when resizing a box: in fact, resizing this contact form When compiling applications for Windows, you must declare signal callbacks with G_MODULE_EXPORT, or they will not be put in the symbol table.

The output from the below commands I will place that in my comment below Indeed, but I think you missed the point I made in my earlier post. If this is the case, you can isolate and address the problem on the project, picture box, or picture level. Thank You, Quark IT Support ©2016 Quark Software Inc. All rights reserved.

Posted on 2007-08-30 Page Layout Software 1 Verified Solution 3 Comments 2,532 Views Last Modified: 2013-12-02 Upon opening a Quark document there were "Translation error" messages where the photos should have Also, … Page Layout Software Add Page Numbers in InDesign Video by: Leslie Learn how to automatically add page numbers in your next InDesign project. For older ones, if the problem is not gone after updating, open QuarkXPress, choose File/Open, choose the document with the issue and hold the command key while opening the document. For example you can add a layer with the information of the printer and protect that when the file goes to translation. 4.

He also has advanced skills in Microsoft Office products like PowerPoint and Word, as well as Quark. You'll eventually see an error in the log. A good way of curing this one is to get into the habit of pressing F7 (a shortcut for View - Guides). Once active, you will be notified via email.

It is a nice idea to learn the working of Ubuntu, but for real I like more silents and save that energy for other places. Update to 7.3 (free update) and hopefully the problem is gone. Aborting. Make sure that your settings match these settings: (Source: Napsys.com, CFG Preferences for CFG for QuarkXPress 7, http://www.napsys.com/SDLTRADOSSP2.html) Select OK to accept all changes.

Can an aspect be active without being invoked/compeled? Number sets symbols in LaTeX Partial sum of the harmonic series between two consecutive fibonacci numbers My advisor refuses to write me a recommendation for my PhD application unless I apply In GTK+ 2.20 or newer, you have to use gtk_buildable_get_name() instead of gtk_widget_get_name() to obtain the "id", or set the "name" property in your UI definition. Solved I get a "translation error" message in Quark in the picture box - how can I fix that?

The target toolkit version(s) are described by elements, the "lib" attribute specifies the widget library in question (currently the only supported value is "gtk+") and the "version" attribute specifies the Do not confuse GtkBuilder UI Definitions with GtkUIManager UI Definitions, which are more limited in scope.