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Play Share 05:05 Marge Simpson: Let's just say that Bart did it. Probably this is the proof that when the writers try hard to do a good job they can work out it very well. Play Share Bart Simpson: (TERRIFIED SOUND) Play Share 19:40 Bart Simpson: Ow! (ANNOYED) Mo-om... Play Share 09:37 Lisa Simpson: (FRUSTRATED SIGH) Just come on. http://u2commerce.com/trilogy-of/trilogy-of-error.html

Trilogy of Error From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search "Trilogy of Error" The Simpsons episode Episodeno. 266 Directedby Mike B. Moe's bar - a short while later) Play Share 06:16 Homer Simpson: (LOUD) Did you ever see that "Blue Man Group?" Total rip-off of the Smurfs. playground) Play Share 12:20 Lisa Simpson: Oh my God, it's 11:15! Play Share 09:48 Martin Prince: (TO SELF) Kiss first place goodbye, Lisa. (EVIL CHUCKLE) Play Share 09:57 Lisa Simpson: Oh no!

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well, like currency, like you said. A+ website/dvds/music/last.fm Reply With Quote 08-17-2006,07:16 AM #19 luben View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries nothing Join Date Apr 2006 Posts 283 I agree with all the positive comments See all providers Need help?

  • Play Share 20:10 Louie: Hey, they's throwin' robots!
  • Play Share 06:06 Moe Szyslak: Hey, ah, hey, ain't you gonna have a beer?
  • Play Share 14:48 (Dr.
  • Play Share 17:35 (Springfield Street: Ext.
  • They are caught by the police and asked to help find the person selling the fireworks.
  • Teeny mistakenly take her to the West Springfield Elementary School.
  • alley - later) Play Share 20:47 Marge Simpson: It's all right, boys.

Play Share 17:22 Captain Horatio McCallister: (SITTING UP) Arrr, uh... Play Share 21:24 Miss Hoover: That's a First Place science project, Lisa. Krabappel Otto Mann Ms. Trilogy Of Error Script Error!

And today I concider it to be a 5/5 episode. The Simpsons Season 12 Episode 19 Play Share 18:51 Fat Tony: Why, I'd be delighted to sell you some illegally smuggled goods. Loading... doesn't cover this type of injury.

Play Share 20:19 Linguo: Shut up your face. The Simpsons Season 12 Episode 18 Period. Really hard. Since his thumb is fading again, he is just about to throw it away, but gets distracted when he sees Linguo's severed head next to him after shooting from town.

The Simpsons Season 12 Episode 19

Loved the plot idea, and especially Linguo. click resources Nick's clinic. Simpsons Trilogy Of Error Watch Online Join Date Dec 2005 Location Northern Virginia Posts 2,460 I gave it an A, but pretty much everyone has said what I wanted to, especially Luben. The Simpsons Trilogy Of Error Watchcartoononline Please reload or try later.

Play Share 13:49 Lisa Simpson: Mom? weblink Play Share 07:52 Homer Simpson: (SHOCKED GASP) Linguo, dead! moe's - moments later) Play Share 05:55 Homer Simpson: Quick, Moe! Checking your browser before accessing cartooncrazy.me. The Simpsons Trilogy Of Error Full Episode

He asks for the address so he can arrest Marge, making her lie, claiming it is 123 Fake Street, which Chief Wiggum believes. It's a bit like having sex with a jellyfish: once might an interesting experiment, twice would be perversion! Hibbert that Homer's finger insurance does not cover his thumb, Marge drives Homer to Dr. navigate here Sign in 2,755 views 6 Like this video?

Sign in now to access this episode and more. Eternal Moonshine Of The Spotless Mind Put together brilliantly, there were a few plot holes (such as Homer suddenly appearing in the alley when seconds before he was miles out of town) that dampened it a bit, Play Share 09:19 Homer Simpson: (AGONIZING SCREAM) My thumb!

Play Share 02:47 Linguo: "I love beer." Play Share 02:49 Homer Simpson: (SWEETLY) Aw, he loves beer.

Reply With Quote 03-28-2007,02:46 PM #30 Homerpalooza View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries Pageant of the Transmundane Join Date Oct 2006 Location Ohio Posts 409 A+ Reply With Quote Marge and Lisa see Cletus' truck and hitch a ride, but when he exits his truck they steal it and drive to the school themselves. Any episode where I can remember where I was when I saw it deserves a good grade. Linguo Simpsons Springfield street - day) Play Share 17:35 Milhouse Van Houten: We gotta hide.

Teeny: (MORE CHEE-CHEEING SOUNDS) Play Share SEASON 12 EPISODE 18 Trilogy of Error This episode is available in 4:3 & 16:9 A day in the life of the Simpsons replays three Whilst cutting them, Marge accidentally severs Homer's thumb. Play Share 07:14 (Dr. his comment is here Play Share 08:34 Bart Simpson: That's Milhouse.

Edit Casual Person Trilogy of Error - S12-E18 Audio problem: When Marge says "We've gotta get to the hospital, Homer" her mouth doesn't move. The storyline and the jokes are perfect, and there are a lot of appearances of some of the best secondary characters like the police force and Fat Tony with the mob. It's non linear form of storytelling came off nice, and the episode was helped on the whole by the fact that there was no need for any deep characterisations in the Deleted scenes from the episode were featured on the box set as well.[9] Since airing, "Trilogy of Error" has received positive reviews from critics.

Lisa tries to spare her mother's feelings by winking to Homer and asking if he wants to see her school project, Homer not understanding what Lisa is doing says no but Edit Casual Person Trilogy of Error - S12-E18 Audio problem: When Lisa says "Oh no, somebody took my bike", she is mouthing something else. Assassin's Creed trailer Hollywood jumps without CGI Dr. Play Share 09:26 Linguo: Lie still.

ferrari - continuous) Play Share 05:51 Homer Simpson: We need more ice! Production[edit] Joe Mantegna guest-stars in the episode as Fat Tony. "Trilogy of Error" was written by Matt Selman and was directed by Mike B. Checking your browser before accessing watchcartoonsonline.eu. Play Share 12:36 Lisa Simpson: Will I ever see you again?

Moe Szyslak / Linguo / Chief Wiggum / Cletus / Dr. It looks so cool. Springfield street - moments later) Play Share Bart Simpson: (SCARED NOISE) Play Share 20:02 Louie: You ain't goin' nowhere. springfield street - shortly later) Play Share 14:13 Marge Simpson: Oh, no.

Create » ? springfield - street - continuous) Play Share 19:34 Lisa Simpson: (GASP) Look out!