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How to configure IBM Tivoli Data Protection for Oracle (TDPO) and take the oracle database backup to TSM Server storage ? AlsoRead:How to configure TSM Client Backup & Archive Schedules ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Pls try and let us know. -Chef.

The issue is that the scripts must be run while the server is halted and generally require ten to thirty hours to run, and sometimes much longer. DMobley232 replied Oct 29, 2016 at 4:52 PM Process after copy_pool tapes fill. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? To exclude folders entirely from the backup, the EXCLUDE.DIR option can be used. https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGSG7_6.2.0/com.ibm.itsm.client.doc/r_opt_errorlogretention.html

Dsm.opt File In Tsm

UCBackup bills for the total occupancy of the node’s data in the TSM environment.  By default, this includes an onsite and an offsite copy of the backed-up data. And because the system in question was rebuilt and restored, if it weren't for the log files, I couldn't tell the admin why the files in question were missing from the It is in the same directory as the error log, named dsmserror.log.

So several smaller LUNs are better than a few large ones, but too many LUNS can be harder to manage. If the database will not start up with the dsmserv command and you see errors like ANR0151W Database manager fails to start. For example to get the list of all table indexes that are used by the Tivoli Storage Manager server, run the following command : db2 "select indname from syscat.indexes where indschema='TSMDB1'" Schedlogretention To check this, log onto windows with your TSM Server instance userid, open a command prompt and type 'DB2CLP'.

It is not possible to pause index reorganizations. Tsm Client Options File ACTLOG: Specifies the Tivoli Storage Manager activity log as a receiver. To get the best performance from these devices you want enough LUNs to spread the IO and get readahead cahce benefit, but not so many that they become difficlult to manage. http://www.shellhacks.com/en/TSM-Client-Configuration-File However you can give access to another userid using DB2 commands.

If the Tivoli Storage Manager scheduler is configured as a startup item, use the TSM Tools for Administrators function or the StopCad.sh shell script to stop and uninstall the scheduler before Dsm.opt Options Windows I do use the \...\* on all my directories that have subdirs as well. schedlogname /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin64/dsmsched.log schedlogmax 200 If you change from schedlogmax to schedlogretention, all existing log entries are retained and the log is pruned using the new schedlogretention criteria. However finding those logs can be a challenge as the location can depend on the the OS platform or even the OS release level.

Tsm Client Options File

Common problems include but are not limited to: Client computer is not running.Client computer is not running TSM services.Previous backup has not completed, so a new backup cannot start. When the TSM client is installed, it does have some predefined files that are excluded automatically and which cannot and should not be included such as page swap files and certain Dsm.opt File In Tsm UCBackup does not administer the billing system.  We suggest contacting the IST Service Center at (510) 664-9000, and then select: 1. Dsm.sys Example In the dsm.opt file, you can specify both audit options.

fidel replied Oct 28, 2016 at 5:04 AM RMAN archive logs stuck ? However in outline the process goes like this: At a quiet time, log into the DB2 command line with the DB2 administrator userid and run these commands db2 connect to tsmdb1 Avoid the slower internal disks included by default in most AIX servers, and avoid consumer grade PATA/SATA disks. Make a note of the backup timestamp again, let us call this one 20120412150425 Now you need to delete the first backup using these commands - note how you use the Dsm.opt Example

Archive: An archive is a point-in-time backup that is stored separately from the data backed up via the  scheduler and manual backups, but in the same file space. Scenario 2: Active-Active Cluster with multiple cluster resources A TSM node is needed for each of the cluster resource and will be configured on all cluster nodes. auditlogging OFF|BASIC|FULL auditlogname c:\logs\audit.log PREVIOUS:11.5 How to configure TSM Administrative Schedules NEXT:12.2 Using SQL commands to query TSM DB2 database ALL CHAPTERS:IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) Basic Free Tutorials

The following are thereceivers ALL: Specifies all receivers that are configured for event logging.

If you don't use the Filenames parameter, then TSM looks for the filename that is contained in the server options file, under the VOLUMEHISTORY option. Tsm Server Configuration Uncertain: Specifies that the state of the event cannot be determined. If they indicate that a file system has corruption errors or disk errors, get your system administrator to check out the operating system and see if the error can be fixed

Inactive File: A formerly active file that is either deleted from yo ur system, or is now outside of the scope of  your scheduled backups (due to changes to your INCLUDE

Messages are shown in the following format: A N [ R S E ] # # # # [ I W E S] Type: R = Server S = Client E Some of the query commands could be useful for investigating TSM problems get instance - returns the name of the TSM server list active databases - will show the TSM database Make a note of the backup timestamp, which will look something like 'The timestamp for this backup image is: 20120412130821' Find some more space, and run another full DB2 database backup Dsm.sys Location Since TSM 6.0 all three of these logs are stored in the TSM database so they use database space and can cause problems if they hold too much data.

TIVOLI: Specifies the Tivoli Management Environment® as a receiver. This is found in /sqllib/userprofile in UNIX/Linux systems. We frequently see cases where the appropriate service was started manually, but does not restart after a reboot. Disk subsystems detect readahead on a LUN by LUN basis.

Latest IBM TSM Interview Questions and Answers by IBM IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) all rounds interview questions and answers to a one candidate. o0francois0o replied Oct 28, 2016 at 2:08 PM failed to open mailslot - LTO TSM moon-buddy replied Oct 28, 2016 at 9:21 AM 'Get rid of tape' - Migrate 1... In general, access is only permitted to campus addresses.  A VPN connection is recommended if you need access from off-campus, but may not be suitable for running scheduled backups due to Is there any way we can have a web accessible customer list like in the past?