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Tsmuxer Error Code 2 Cannot Create Output File

yes i use a ps3 ,i also use powerdvd to verify that verything works but is the same thing it never never works!! While it's true that High @ 5.1 Profile isn't specifically mentioned somewhere (it seems Sony likes to brag more about Trophies and Photo Browser support, etc.), I wouldn't go so far peterjcat24th January 2009, 23:34I have a question regarding TrueHD tracks. It uses the SHA-256 cryptographic hash function by default, but supports several other algorithms. http://u2commerce.com/tsmuxer-error/tsmuxer-error-code-2-can-create-output-file.html

just the m2ts overhead is astronomical compared to all other streams. TsRemuxer can only handle original m2ts with truehd already in them, so i cant add it. Tried it all (tsMuxer/tsRemux/ts4np) ... Every segment starts with a keyframe of the selected reference stream, which is set through the reference_stream option. their explanation

loop If set to 1, loop over the input. Nullity24th January 2009, 03:04I have a question regarding TrueHD tracks. I tried tsremux just to compare and with this tool the Audio Track is fine.

  1. The option -formats of the ff* tools will display the list of enabled demuxers.
  2. Setting id3v2_version to 0 disables the ID3v2 header completely.
  3. It accepts the following options: loop Set the number of times to loop the output.
  4. Default value is yuv420p.
  5. These files have the same name as the playlist, followed by a sequential number and a .ts extension.
  6. gkar23rd January 2009, 22:19I have recently ventured into the Blu-ray arena.
  7. Can I just extract the contents from the iso, run this app on the extracted files, and then re-create the iso, or do I have to use the original BD and
  8. Search on "Fixclpi" here for a tool by jdobbs that fixes some problems in the two clpi files in your muxed output 2.

Can someone try to precompile it and see if it works for you? Setting it to different and sufficiently large values ensures that the produced ogg files can be safely chained. 4.23 segment, stream_segment, ssegment Basic stream segmenter. The best I have done so far is a 1hr50min movie with a 24bit TrueHD track. hls_playlist_type event Emit #EXT-X-PLAYLIST-TYPE:EVENT in the m3u8 header.

hls_allow_cache allowcache Explicitly set whether the client MAY (1) or MUST NOT (0) cache media segments. The none and timestamped flags are experimental. -write_index bool Write index at the end, the default is to write an index. jamos22nd January 2009, 02:36Bug: True hd still has some issues with the latest version as far as muxing into BD format. you can try this out thx i try with the .srt ourside and with the .srt muxed in the mkv,i also try to put the .srt in utf 8 saved in .srt i verify with powerdvd

Anyway, check thishttp://pastebin.com/YFzXk6h5 Logged smallB Almost regular Posts: 193 Re: Cannot create output directory « Reply #11 on: October 25, 2011, 03:06:35 pm » @Jens the output path:bin\Debug\Promote.exe.The previous path was The default value is to let libopenmpt choose. G_M_C25th January 2009, 21:44When using TSMuxer to combine (as BluRay) a VC-1 videostream with an .AC3 audiostream, should one use the "Add" radiobutton or the "Append" radiobutton? If this directive is given, the string with the corresponding id in the subfiles will be used.

It no longer uses tsMuxeR for Blu-ray remuxing but has its own muxer. http://forum.doom9.org/archive/index.php/t-134104-p-11.html I have kept a DTS HD-MA track, which are generally larger than TrueHD, and compressed to DVD9, results were flawless. When I used FixclpiGUI, it said it had fixed file, but they both still stutter when skipping in certain scenes. If your streams are not tightly interleaved you may not get all the packets from all streams before Out point and you may only will be able to decode the earliest

In case of absolute necessity (;)), you can PM me in french. http://u2commerce.com/tsmuxer-error/tsmuxer-error-code-253.html The box with the processing details didn't say anything abnormal. segment_format format Override the inner container format, by default it is guessed by the filename extension. The description of some of the currently available demuxers follows. 3.1 aa Audible Format 2, 3, and 4 demuxer.

Note that Windows Media Audio (wma) and Windows Media Video (wmv) use this muxer too. 4.2.1 Options It accepts the following options: packet_size Set the muxer packet size. It no longer uses tsMuxeR for Blu-ray remuxing but has its own muxer. newcomers28th January 2009, 00:01Well good news. his comment is here glob_sequence (deprecated, will be removed) Select a mixed glob wildcard/sequence pattern.

I see i think you will find that the S350 will not playback those full High Definition audio tracks at all via HDMI as i have done some testing with all Can you help me save a 33 hrs render :scared: Many Thanks in advance anyway. Normally, both Nero chapters and a QuickTime chapter track are written to the file.

digital_radio Digital Radio service.

And can you post the meta tsmuxer generates? tsREMUX doesnt do well muxing to bd. See http://code.google.com/p/game-music-emu/ for more information. its not a big deal for me to use just a regular ac3 track.

Bitrates, honestly, are a laugh, really, in that almost no manufacturer, including Sony, seems to care about how high you go with it. well i just tried AVCHDme and it hasnt made any difference, using either or both of the options selected. thx odin24 but again its not working!! weblink Supported values include MD5, murmur3, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD160, RIPEMD256, RIPEMD320, SHA160, SHA224, SHA256 (default), SHA512/224, SHA512/256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC32 and adler32. 4.7.1 Examples To compute the SHA-256 hash of the audio and

You can disable all the demuxers using the configure option --disable-demuxers, and selectively enable a single demuxer with the option --enable-demuxer=DEMUXER, or disable it with the option --disable-demuxer=DEMUXER. kurt16th January 2009, 11:[email protected]: not sure but I think, "h264info alpha" was able to change the par,... hash algorithm Use the cryptographic hash function specified by the string algorithm. asarian1st February 2009, 18:58You are aware of the tsremux workaround for TrueHD, eh?

LINK (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=143744) deank14th January 2009, 19:31:) If your input files are not AVCHD compatible, multiAVCHD won't fix it. digital_tv Digital TV service. rica22nd January 2009, 23:33Aye but Ive already recoded video and do not want to lessen my video quality bitrate more for a small audio quality increase. Thanks guys laserfan27th January 2009, 00:54Can I just extract the contents from the iso, run this app on the extracted files, and then re-create the iso...That oughta work--give it a try.

I precise that in tsMuxer I have asked the finalized file to be saved on a second hard drive I use only for video files and renders; that disk has more hi dean first of all thx a lot !! I've found that PowerDVD doesn't always land perfectly on chapter marks, despite that I have placed I-frames and marked them correctly. Possible forms of stream specifiers are: stream_index Matches the stream with this index.

muxrate number Set a constant muxrate (default VBR). strict_mime_boundary Default implementation applies a relaxed standard to multi-part MIME boundary detection, to prevent regression with numerous existing endpoints not generating a proper MIME MJPEG stream. video won't show if processed with multiAVCHD.