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Tsmuxer Error Code 2 Demux

It can take 10-15+ minutes depending on the speed of your hardware.9. I was using the -core and .dts I guess its worth a try to user the ac3 audio as a test. Here is how to resolve the issue:1. Press the “Start muxing” button at the bottom. his comment is here

VC-1 in m2ts is not recognized. Fixed typos/mistakes.4. Try loading in just one of the M2TS files, not the MPLS file, and remux to a new M2TS and set the output to a different folder or HDD if possible Page 1 of 211 1 231151101 > Last » Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes 25th January 2008, 01:25 #1 |Link roman76r Registered User Join Date: Jan http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/356093-tsMuxeR-finished-with-error-code-2-with-Ice-Age-4-Continental-Drift-BDMV

I am presuming that the problem is related to the FreeAgent HDD. iPhone . I make the names short and sinple, they are irrelevant anyway, just something like "core.dts" will work.

  • In some cases I can just use tsmuxer and spit out as a .ts file, and audio is good.
  • In other words: The DVB-S2 stream always has constant 12 MBit/s no matter what bitrate the source has.
  • Biggest issue, so far, during the demux, tsmuxer stops with an error code 255.
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  • Bang!
  • On the other hand it is interesting to see Linux tools such as AVIDemux being widely used on Windows (together with AVSProxy plus GUI).I will report back this evening...Edit:I also have
  • Thus I chose the playlist with the numerous chapters.
  • Fortunately I have two audio tracks so if AC3 track fails I can use the MP2 audio track instead and may get one of them in sync with video.I have not

Try loading in just one of the M2TS files, not the MPLS file, and remux to a new M2TS and set the output to a different folder or HDD if possible This way I might be able to cut out smaller problem parts from my original mkv file and may get it work better. It's working fine if i load m2ts files. I've noticed the source is 23.976 and the only option I was able to see to remux was 24.

The resulting .m2ts file (in the STREAM folder) also plays well on my PC. Just wanted to pass this information along. Are there any good open-source tools for analysing M2TS and/or h264 streams which produce an output that is understandable for the mortal human ?May be I am stupid but I didn't Page 89 of 211 « First < 39798788 89 909199139189 > Last » Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes 24th June 2008, 17:52 #1761 |Link Kakan Registered User

Sounds like the same problems I had when I was trying to use DTS-HD/TrueHD audio streams. I know it is possible to record several channels into one single transport stream.Hm, in theory yes, but after demuxing the streams (AC3 plus h264) there shouldn't be anything left inside I bought the WDTV for the specific task of playing .m2ts files, ripped from my Blu-ray discs, and HD-DVD .evo files converted to .m2ts via ClownBD. A Remux strips the menu and bonus content while keeping the wanted video/audio/subtitles at ZERO quality loss AKA lossless.

ooferomen View Public Profile Find More Posts by ooferomen 8th July 2008, 01:49 #1780 |Link EPiPH0NE b4k3d Join Date: Sep 2007 Posts: 310 Quote: Originally Posted by ooferomen has If yes with what tool chain ?I am really curious. Find More Posts by yonta 25th January 2008, 10:23 #4 |Link roman76r Registered User Join Date: Jan 2008 Posts: 140 Quote: Originally Posted by yonta This is the muxer It is actually for large playlists (10 M2TS files and more). - bug fixed: some H.264 streams in version 1.7.1/2/3 did not work in PS3.

Cheers sangwich View Public Profile Find More Posts by sangwich 6th July 2008, 05:17 #1775 |Link csdesigns Registered User Join Date: Apr 2008 Posts: 18 Question about converting http://u2commerce.com/tsmuxer-error/tsmuxer-error-code-2-srt.html For situations where I just have a WDTV hooked to a tv with no rcvr? I could imagine to hack together a simple "Remux" shell script which displays the streams inside a m2ts file and lets you select the numbers of the streams to remux.I am Hi there,it would be helpful if you post your x264 commandline...thanks in advance.A solution similar to the Cut Assistant (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cutassistant/) combined with mkvmerge for splitting the MKV might be the workaround

See if that works. That can be a problem for tsMuxer, particularly if there are any sync byte discontinuities in the audio after joining the m2ts files. My tests EVO/M2TS files work fine. http://u2commerce.com/tsmuxer-error/tsmuxer-error-code-253.html since no-one beside you seems interested in processing h264 here.Edit: I tried dvbsnoop on my Ubuntu 10.10 x64 system and it simply died after some similar messages to naludump:>Omitting XXX bytes

Has anyone else seen this, and Am I doing something wrong to end up like this? According to BDInfo I'm supposed to select 00800.mpls, or about ten other alternatives including the main video but no matter which I chose tsMuxeR gives me the following: SmartLabs tsMuxeR. This includes (but is not limited to ):- eac3to- h264tsto- MKV muxing function of MeGUIAt least with h264to I was able to produce a MKV container with 720p h264 video and

I will try out with other material and report back.

All video codecs are supported: H.264, VC-1, MPEG2. - Some small bug fixes and improvements. If I find a truely nicely working solution under Linux to both free h264 transport streams from all errors as well as edit them easily, I´ll let you know.I am wishing Open BDInfo, Click ‘Browse’ and navigate to the Blu-ray disc drive and click on “Select Folder.”3. Tsmuxer give error code -2 and error message is file name *.m2ts already exists.

Scenario #3, sometimes the disc includes both the 2D AND 3D version of the movie. Capsbackup View Public Profile Find More Posts by Capsbackup 1st September 2013, 22:37 #17 |Link physic Registered User Join Date: Aug 2013 Posts: 173 Capsbackup I am going to HTPC - Linux Chat HTPC - Mac Chat Home Entertainment & Theater Builder Dedicated Theater Design & Construction General Home Theater & Media/Game check over here If they look identical then be happy: Your TV network has high bitrate material.

You will not be able to use your remote control. AfterDawn is finally hosting this excellent application. As prevously mentioned such things were nicely fixed by projectX for MPEG-2 recordings but it does not work with h.264 streams. Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP Rear Projection Units OLED Technology and Flat Panels General OLED Technology Great Found Deals!

Or perhaps there is some hidden encrypted stuff. I made few quick tests. Last edited by Darksoul71 (2011-01-13 15:44:45) My archlinux x86_64 host:AMD E350 (2x1.6GHz) / 8GB DDR3 RAM / GeForce 9500GT (passive) / Arch running from 16GB USB Stick Offline #20 2011-01-13 16:24:49 Short NAL unit len codes for H.264 tracks did not work. * Version 1.2.0: - Added M2TS muxing - Fixed stream type detection function (sometimes some audio/video streams were not found)

So I checked my subtitle with BD Demuxer Pro 3D, and saw its true id was actually "4", so I changed 3D Offset to "plane=5" and remuxed with TSMuxer, and I I'm not so sure whether i'm in the right topic but anyway: I spent a lot of time with trying to cut srt files by TSMuxer today. iPAD .