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Tsmuxer Error Not Enough Buffer

kolak1st February 2009, 16:18:rolleyes:Yes I agree its his ref frames being too high not the lvl that causes the issue. Plase contact the application support team for more information." hello I have the same problem with the film Troy, nobody has an answer? RAM was NOT returned before starting the run. I played with a file recently and just converted it with ffmpeg and took off a ref frame at a time. his comment is here

Greetz Ochi setarip_old25th January 2009, 21:31When using TSMuxer to combine (as BluRay) a VC-1 videostream with an .AC3 audiostream, should one use the "Add" radiobutton or the "Append" radiobutton? Es ist Ihnen nicht erlaubt, Anhšnge hochzuladen. I would love to know how you got a recoded 1080p with DolbyTrueHD to playback on the Sony S350 as i can only get legacy DTS and Dolby to playback, and The bug I found could cause a loop when attempting to parse a bad LATM/LOAS header (usually caused by a glitch in the stream). http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/370360-TSMuxer-MKV-Merge-Error-Not-enough-buffer-for-parse-video-stream

nothing good came out. Cheers MrVideoDecember 6th, 2010, 06:40 PMThe out-of-memory error still exists in 610. The hardware will not be updated, ever.

Forum Video Video Conversion TSMuxer/MKV Merge Error: Not enough buffer for parse video stream + Reply to Thread Results 1 to 2 of 2 TSMuxer/MKV Merge Error: Not enough buffer for Dan203December 21st, 2010, 02:03 AMThe file is reopened for output, but there are some things retained from open to edit to output which is probably why the memory does not drop The BDP350 that I used is my inlaws, and they do not have an HD audio receiver. Both machines are Win7/32, 1 has 4gb, the other 3gb MrVideoNovember 17th, 2010, 04:37 PMI just tried the same file on a different machine - same results, this time I had

This is probably where the H.264 memory allocation issues occurred. odin24 i do have the Denon 3808 HD audio receiver and i can tell you now none of the HD full bitrate audio tracks played back from the Sony S350 work Thanks guys Digi27th January 2009, 12:06What are you playing the files on? Why would a merged file using Matroska audio format activate the DTS indicator when the extracted DTS file, using tsMuXeR, not activate it???

asarian3rd February 2009, 15:00Is roman76r actually still developing this app? The idea there is to see if the error occurs sooner. am i doing this wrong or something? Running the job got the RAM down to 6 MB and not too soon after that it crash with the memory error.

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  • Doing the run ate RAM until about 65 MB left, then it steadily climbed back to 200 MB at job's end.

For mts or ts it works fine There is a way 2 get it work: Mux it first to TS and then the TS 2 Bluray output. http://tsmuxer.error.code.2.not.enough.buffer.winwizards.org/ Take the values and double them. Can't the RAM be flushed before starting the edit run? Losing a few bits in audio sounds better than in video.

MadMonkey5712th January 2009, 13:12...after using tsmuxergui the file is too big to burn it on a dvd dl... http://u2commerce.com/tsmuxer-error/tsmuxer-error-tsmuxer-not-found.html Ain't gonna happen, unless you buy it :D Seriously, it isn't going to happen because of what the system is used for and what the hardware I need within the system But, that is my problem. Also be aware that the buffers for H.264 are set in a completely different place under the Tools->Options->H.264 tab of the main options dialog.

Then run the job. Machine is Windows 7 64bit with 8Gb of memory installed MrVideoMarch 25th, 2011, 07:11 AMVRD can only use 2GB of RAM, as it is a 32bit application. But when I try to mux it in TSMuxer or MKVMerge I get the following error (it muxes half way before giving the error): Code: TSmuxer finished with error code -2 http://u2commerce.com/tsmuxer-error/tsmuxer-error-reading-buffer-overflow.html Save got about 80% through, then crash.

I would recommend 128 or 256 at least until we get some of the buffer management improvements that DanH has recommended. Verstehe ich nicht. And can you post the meta tsmuxer generates?

I'm not good with Russian but here's a crude translation.

Option to create AVCHD! If the problem still exists, convert THD to flac with eac3to. thx ericd Butterfly66628th January 2009, 10:38hi i can say that i try absolutly everything to put subs with tsmuxer,and it always never worked ,in br or avchd configuration or even in jamos1st February 2009, 15:20It's a little known fact, but (as of somewhere December of last year?) the PS3 actually does support High @ 5.1 Profile now!

This new buffer manager has the advantage of being slightly faster than the old one, and more importantly, is much more efficient when resizing the buffer. Just in case, we put in a S+T>O #73. Save got about 80% through, then crash. http://u2commerce.com/tsmuxer-error/tsmuxer-error-packet-data-buffer-is-full.html or is AR flagging not possibel for ts in general? (so to say it's a mkv only feature?) http://netload.in/dateiIZXcXBtmHl/Sample.mkv.htm I tried it with this sample but the custom AR is not

When all is ready and I'm lucky it only plays the previews and than stops. So now, what can you do about it? J'ai défragmenté tous mes DD, essayé d'installer le log sur un autre DD, toujours le même message...Je ne sais pas si c'est le log qui bugge ou si je manque vraiment Can you help me save a 33 hrs render :scared: Many Thanks in advance anyway.

Butterfly66612th January 2009, 15:31I thought there would be an update to tsMuxeR in januari. They won't be added automatically. By flushing and resetting as if the user entered the program for the first time, those buffers would have to be rebuilt. Dan MrVideoDecember 21st, 2010, 02:43 AMI'm not positive that I've been hit with it doing H.264 files (as previously noted).

Ist doch kein Geheimwissen, oder? Can you elaborate Odin on how to do this? Without going into extreme detail, recode as usual... It does more, but there is no official information how much more.

Save got about 80% through, then crash. Load the file that it had completed and see how far it got. GrŁŖe Klaus __________________ TF PVR 5000 (in Rente), SRP 2100 (in gutes Zuhause abgegeben) Dream 8000 mit 4 x DVB-S; Dream 7020HD; Xtrend ET 9000, V...+ Ultimo alle mit WD20EFRX 2TB