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Turbo Pascal Error 39

DO expected (Нужен оператор DO) 45. Invalid pointer operation (Недействительная операция с указателем) 6. Error: Can't take the address of constant expressions It is not possible to get the address of a constant expression, because they are not stored in memory. Sign In Register Categories Recent Discussions Unanswered Best Of... his comment is here

Error: Derived class helper must extend a subclass of "arg1" or the class itself If a class helper inherits from another class helper the extended class must extend either the same Quisiera saber cuantos errores tiene en total, ya que han dicho que tiene mas de 300 errores 26 de enero de 2014, 22:32 AnГіnimo dijo... File access defined (Отказано в доступе к файлу) 6. arg1: Got "arg2" expected "(Bit)Packed Array" The compiler expects a (bit)packed array as the specified parameter. find this

Copying of material found allover the site is prohibited. Turbo Pascal не допускает более 512 процедур или функций в одном модуле.

61: Invalid typecast. Неверное преобразование типа.

62: Division by zero. Деление на ноль.

63: Invalid file type. Неверный файловый Variable identifier expected (Отсутствует идентификатор переменной) 18. Error: Integer expression expected, but got "arg1" The compiler expects an expression of type integer, but gets a different type.

  • Assume the value is an integer, then check if none of the characters lies outside the 0..9 range.
  • END expected (Нужен END) 35.
  • This is merely a warning for Delphi compatibility. [next] [prev] [prev-tail] [front] [up] Discussions Best Of...
  • Invalid @ argement (Неправильный аргумент операции @) 74.

It should be return True or False. Boolean expression expected (Нужно выражение типа BOOLEAN) 38. Cannot Read or Write variables of this type (Нет возможности считать или записать переменые данного типа) 55. String constant expected (Нужна константа строкового типа) 93.

Loop variables cannot be reals or strings. el puntero se ubica al final del " =1" porque?? Disk seek error (Ошибка при операции установки головок на диск) 8. http://www.programmersheaven.com/discussion/339605/error-message-using-turbo-pascal File variable expected (Нужна файловая переменная) 68.

TO or DOWNTO expected (Требуется TO или DOWNTO) 50. File components may not be files (Компонентами файла не могут быть файлы) 22. Undefiner typein pointer definition (Неопределенный тип в объявлении указателя) 17. Error: Can't evaluate constant expression This error can occur when the bounds of an array you declared do not evaluate to ordinal constants.

Hardware failure (Сбой аппаратуры) 6) Фатальные ошибки Эти ошибки всегда приводят к немедленной остановке программы. 1. Hint: Converting the operands to "arg1" before doing the multiply could prevent overflow errors. BEGIN expected (Нужен BEGIN) 34. Operand types do not match operator (Типы операндов не соответствуют операции) 39.

Error: TYPEOF can only be used on object types with VMT Typeof() intrinsic returns pointer to VMT of its argument. this content You can try compiling with -So if the identifier is a procedure variable. Label already defined (Метка уже определена) 72. You are calling a function or procedure with parameters that are incompatible with the parameters in the function or procedure definition.

Error in expression (Ошибка в выражении) 40. Note that this warning will not flagg all potentially dangerous situations. Invalid typecast (Неверное преобразование типа) 52. http://u2commerce.com/turbo-pascal/turbo-pascal-7-0-error-85.html Error: Type "arg1" cannot be extended by a type helper Types like procedural variables cannot be extended by type helpers Error: Procedure or function must be far in order to allow

Error: Incompatible types: got "arg1" expected "arg2" There is no conversion possible between the two types. Error: Variable identifier expected This happens when you pass a constant to a routine (such as Inc var or Dec) when it expects a variable. Click here to post the first reply.

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Error: Incompatible type for arg no. Cannot evaluate this expression (Некорректное вычисление выражения) 110. Todos ustedes son unos hptaaas digan como slucionar esos problemas no cuales son. 10 de junio de 2015, 17:03 Publicar un comentario en la entrada Entrada mГЎs reciente Entrada antigua PГЎgina Stack overflow error (Переполнение стека) 4.

Programming Forums launched: 30th August 2005 | Privacy Policy | Contact us | [next] [prev] [prev-tail] [tail] [up] C.4 Type checking errors This section lists all errors that can occur when Out of memory (Выход за границы памяти) 2. Type mismatch (Несоответствие типов) 24. check over here i am doing this computing course.

Error: This type is not supported for the Default() intrinsic Some types like for example Text and File Of X are not supported by the Default intrinsic. This happens typically when The parent class in a class declaration isn't a class. In particular, types that depend on reference counting by the compiler (such as ansistrings and certain kinds of interfaces) cannot be used as fields of Objective-C classes, cannot be directly passed If you have got your cookies disabled, make sure that you re-enable them through Tools | Internet Options | Privacy.

Thanks alot you have been a great help (Yeh it is kinda simple)Thank You :-) 0 · Share on Facebook Sign In or Register to comment. An exception handler (On) contains a type identifier that isn't a class. A solution is to use the ptrint/ptruint types instead. PERO ME SALE: RE:error 26: Type mismatch PodrГ­an ayudarme y darme algunos consejos para mejorar el programa!!

File not open\or output (Файл не открыт для вывода) 6. Error: interface type expected, but got "arg1" The compiler expected to encounter an interface type name, but got something else. Error: enums with assignments cannot be used as array index When you declared an enumeration type which has C-like assignments, such as in the following:    Tenum = (a,b,e:=5);    you cannot use it Error: class type expected, but got "arg1" The variable or expression isn't of the type class.

Structured variable are not allowed here (Здесь нельзя использовать переменную структурного типа) 113. This will probably lead to a runtime error 211 in the code if that routine is ever called. Error: Can't determine which overloaded function to call You're calling overloaded functions with a parameter that doesn't correspond to any of the declared function parameter lists. Sector not found (Сектор не найден) 10.

Anything wrong with the Forum? Error: Incompatible type for arg no.