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Type Mismatch Error In Vbscript Code 800a000d


Logged I was trying to dereference Null Pointers before it was cool. Trying to pass a NULL to writeline is going to cause a type mismatch error. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed How strange is it (as an undergrad) to email a professor from another institution about possibly working in their lab? http://u2commerce.com/type-mismatch/type-mismatch-error-vbscript.html

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. One of my file that executed at localhost..done well and retrieved the result. A domain built-in group. 2. Given that ice is less dense than water, why doesn't it sit completely atop water (rather than slightly submerged)? this page

Microsoft Vbscript Runtime Error '800a000d' Type Mismatch 'cint'

Function UnChkString(vStr) UnChkString = vStr If Instr(vStr,"[%]") Then vStr = Replace(vStr,"[%]","%") End Function That should fix your Type Mismatch issue. as Subs (which seems probable, given the names). Why does Wikipedia list an improper pronunciation of Esperanto? Codes beginning 08007...

My functions script was not included in this particular page. Thank you. –James Mar 10 '12 at 19:12 add a comment| up vote 3 down vote I agree with Anthony's opinion that you should be using Option Explicit at the top any setting ? Type Mismatch Classic Asp I had realized that vbScript used variants and it should have been a non-issue but when I encountered the error that is when I started testing varType on the values as

Note 3: What I have found, is that there need not be any errors per se in the script in order to receive the type mismatch join error. Sub ShowInformation Set oFilesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set oFiletxt = oFilesys.CreateTextFile("c:\inventory\" & strIncident & ".txt" ) sPath = oFilesys.GetAbsolutePathName("c:\inventory\" & strIncident & ".txt" ) oFiletxt.WriteLine ("Model: ") + strType oFiletxt.WriteLine ("Device ID: Download a free trial of Solarwinds' Network Performance Monitor Example 1 of Error 800A000D Script Error: CreateeObject- Extra letter e. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26024189/vbscript-runtime-error-800a000d-type-mismatch-when-calling-function share|improve this answer answered Jul 12 at 16:17 Leslie Lespes 112 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote A sure way to get a type mismatch error for the published

Fabrice ZERROUKI Wanna chill out? Microsoft Vbscript Runtime Error '800a000d' Type Mismatch: 'cdbl' Alternatively, you may not be running the script as an ordinary user and not as an Administrator. Browse other questions tagged asp-classic type-mismatch or ask your own question. The secret is to read the Windows Script Error message carefully, then locate the line number with the Type Mismatch.

Microsoft Vbscript Runtime Error '800a000d' In Classic Asp

How do you enforce handwriting standards for homework assignments as a TA? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/195180 Then the code is sytactically correct; the error is caused by code you didn't publish. –Ekkehard.Horner Nov 18 '14 at 21:12 Note that the above is just pseudo code Microsoft Vbscript Runtime Error '800a000d' Type Mismatch 'cint' How to make Skyscanner, Kiwi, Kayak include ground transfer in the search How to measure Cycles per Byte of an Algorithm? Microsoft Vbscript Runtime Error '800a000d' Type Mismatch 'formatdatetime' Fortunately, SolarWinds have created the WMI Monitor so that you can examine these gems of performance information for free.

vbTrue -1 True vbFalse 0 False I hope next code could make clear all above statements: Wscript.Echo _ vbTrue, CStr( vbTrue), VarType( vbTrue), TypeName( vbTrue) , _ vbNewLine, True, CStr( True), http://u2commerce.com/type-mismatch/type-mismatch-vbscript-runtime-error.html Actually, there is another mistake in line 10 it should be:Set objRootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://"& strServer & " RootDSE") Note the position of the two sets of speech marks. ' BindADUser.vbs ' share|improve this answer answered Mar 8 '12 at 22:44 AnthonyWJones 145k22195274 I started responding saying that I wish it was this easy, but that the functions script is auto-loaded If you are interested in troubleshooting, and creating network maps, then I recommend that you try NPM now. Microsoft Vbscript Runtime Error '800a000d' Type Mismatch Asp

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  2. Try the SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset now!
  3. The (misleading) error message shows up if you replace the the "IIF" with some other (bogus) name; so I assume that "Type mismatch" is just Gateish for "Function not found".
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The Cause of Code 800A000D Your VBScript contains an illegal method, probably due to a typing mistake, an extra letter. Is the ability to finish a wizard early a good idea? The solution was to simply recreated the same function with a new name and for whatever magical reason that worked. this content Stay logged in Digital Point Home Forums > Development > Programming > C# > Log in to view your Analytics, AdSense & PayPal stats Home Forums Search Forums Recent Posts Spy

If you have a good example of this error, then please email me, I will publish it with a credit to you: If you like this page then please share it Microsoft Vbscript Runtime Error '800a000d' Type Mismatch 'formatnumber' if either is numeric, you will need to remove the apostrophes from around the comparitive variable that you're bouncing it against in your where clause. But what the cause has been for two of my recent experiences, is that the user in question, is only a part of a single group that isn't 1.

For example, comparing a string and a numeric value.

What do you call someone without a nationality? The other option is of course to ensure your users are a part of more than one security or static distribution group. Much appreciated ' http://cwashington.netreach.net/depo/view.asp?Index=1098&ScriptType=vbscript ' ' Thanks ' '====================== Dim strComputername, strIncident, serialnumber, manu, name, model, ipad Dim warrantyinfo, friendlyproduct, desc, liston, pn, strType GetMachine GetInformation Checkmodel Warrantyinfo = WarrantyCheck(serialnumber, model) Type Mismatch Vbscript Array comments and suggestions are always welcome. ' Additionally, would you kindly post your comments on the following ' link?

How to set phaser to kill the mermaids? There are some subtypes of data that a Variant can contain (e.g. share|improve this answer edited Nov 20 '14 at 0:39 answered Nov 20 '14 at 0:08 JosefZ 10.1k3933 JosefZ, Thanks for the comments. have a peek at these guys Give something back?

Replace with hex character Why do (some) aircraft shake at low speeds with flaps, slats extended? Best way to repair rotted fuel line? Take the guess work out of which WMI counters to use for applications like Microsoft Active Directory, SQL or Exchange Server. Why are only passwords hashed?

I have verified that the function name is not used anywhere else, i.e., as a constant or something else. asp-classic type-mismatch share|improve this question edited Mar 8 '12 at 14:40 asked Mar 8 '12 at 14:34 James 2,39532561 Which line is line 22? –bfavaretto Mar 8 '12 at Privacy Statement Terms of Use Contact Us Advertise With Us Hosted on Microsoft Azure Follow us on: Twitter Facebook Microsoft Feedback on IIS Welcome ! Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type mismatch: 'stripHTML' --function.asp function stripHTML(strHTML) Dim objRegExp, strOutput, tempStr Set objRegExp = New Regexp objRegExp.IgnoreCase = True objRegExp.Global = True objRegExp.Pattern = "<(.|n)+?>" 'Replace all

Other functions are working correctly. Look for clues particularly the Line: number and check the Char: references. let me know what information do you need from me. Custom Search Guy recommends : Free - WMI Monitor Get more ideas for your PowerShell scripts with SolarWinds' WMI Monitor.

Its also has the ability to monitor the health of individual VMware virtual machines. All times are GMT -5. URGENT! Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is one of the hidden treasures of Microsoft operating systems.